The Intervention

With the end of the semester fast approaching, Laura and I decided it was time to head back to our tutorials. The 17-year-olds had let it slip that now was the time to attend; turns out the tutors give you all kinds of useful information, such as what will be on the final exam.

How things had changed. Lucky to find a seat together in the first five weeks, we now had more than thirty spots to choose from. It also helped that Laura had ditched her HP laptop, circa mid-90s, for the uber trendy MacBook Air and no longer needed to be in the vicinity of an electrical outlet. We could finally sit next to each other.

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Poster Traumatic Stress Disorder

While the 17-year-olds remained focused on the end of semester exams, my interest had been detained by something that seemed a little more tactile – a poster. The purpose was access to justice. I know, it sounds a little Gotham city. But the phrase, ‘Quick! To the Batmobile!’ was never on the cards, mainly because the only form of transport available was a bright yellow, 125cc Vespa and yellow isn’t really a crime-fighting colour.

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