The Sneaky Drink/s

I gifted myself one weekend of socialising before beginning my studies in earnest and it would have worked out perfectly, if I wasn’t still recovering from a hangover on Monday. I used to bounce back so quickly but alcohol was no longer my friend. Well, it was, when I was drinking it. My mortal enemy, social anxiety, scooted as fast as my bright yellow Vespa when alcohol and I got together. But the next day, my body is on par with a Brisbane City Council bus – slow, needing to stop constantly and a bit smelly (on account of not having the energy to shower or the capacity to care).

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The Teenage Girls

Aware that an excessive workload and lack of money would soon eat into my social life, I crammed as many catch ups into my first week as I possibly could. A lecture in the morning and another in the afternoon left a decent timeslot in the middle of the day. Perfect for a quick drink at the uni bar with a long-term friend.

We’d been through many battles together and somehow had come out the other side fighting. In hindsight, our regular debriefing sessions, aided by alcohol and high-fat food, probably had something to do with it. It wasn’t planned but we’d ended up studying law together, albeit different units at different times. Still, in the first week, with no assessment due, it was easy to coordinate our schedules.

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